Testing exception handling with Groovy

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I mentioned that sometimes using mocks created via Map coercion in Groovy didn’t always work as expected.  Here’s a concrete example.

Here’s an exception handling code block that I’m trying to test, removing everything except the relevant bits:

I’m writing a test to verify that an ActivityException  is returned when a FileManagerException  is caught.  My first take on the Groovy test method was:

Seems pretty straightforward, right?  A call to make()  in the factory throws a FileManagerException .  The method being tested catches that exception, wraps and rethrows it as an ActivityException .  The test asserts this takes place.  Should work.

Except when the test is run, it fails with the error message:

should have failed with an exception of type vue.workflow.ActivityException, instead got Exception vue.core.ftp.FileManagerException: testing

For some reason, the closure that’s executed as the mock’s make()  operation is wrapping the exception that’s thrown in the closure within an Exception , so the catch block being tested doesn’t match.  I haven’t done any digging to see if this is a bug or whether there’s a Groovy workaround.  It was faster in this case to just use EasyMock instead:

This test passes.  So just watch out when throwing exceptions from within Map coercion mocks; the results may be unexpected!

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